Buyers Guide

Choosing between all the different options can be challenging. What options other manufacturers are offering and at what price point? This short and straight to the point guide will help you make the right choice when shopping for a large digital clock.


Digital clocks are offered in a wide variety of styles, I prefer the oversized blue LED models for 3 reasons. Blue light is easy to read in bright sunlight as in darkness, very convenient for the visually challenged and leds use less power and produce less heat.

One of my personal favorite is this clock available at amazon.

Your digital clock can be fashionable and innovative. Young people as well as older people will love it.

Power source

Most large digital clocks are powered by an AC adapter. Make sure this adapter is included with your purchase as it can be difficult to find the right AC adapter for your clock after wards. Most digital clocks also have a build in battery, no need to be reset it if it loses power.

Certain models also offer adjustable brightness. This gives you the option to adjust the intensity of the light produced by your large digital clock depending on the environment. This will make your clock still visible in daylight and not disturbing at night.

Functions to look for

  • Detailed time display: Hour/min/sec display.
  • Calendar display or alternating between the time and the date.
  • Temperature display: allows to switch to Temperature display.
  • Alarm: with the alarm function you can set the time interval between each alarm alert from 1 to 60 minutes.
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Low power

Clocks are important, and useful ,in our rooms. In the bedroom, they wake us up in the morning. In other living spaces, they help us mark the hours of our days. Large digital clocks are help full and a nice addition to any decor.